Regrounding Our Response

Program Overview

This initiative offers a series of presentations that seek to address stigma around substance use and raise awareness about public health approaches to the opioid overdose crisis in Maryland. There are five core concepts: Stages of Change, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Social Determinants of Health, Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) as Overdose Prevention, and Drug User Health Framework. These courses are delivered through a combination of virtual or in-person settings during designated times. Participants in this program can earn social work CEUs.

What causes opioid addiction and why is it so tough to combat?

What You Will Learn

  • Stages of Change
    How intentional behavior change happens and how to support it in the process of change.
  • Adverse Childhood Events
    How toxic stress changes the physiology of early brain development, connections between substance use and trauma, protective factors, and resilience in communities.
  • Social Determinants of Health
    How social determinants of health affect an individual and the community, health equity and bias, upstream and downstream approaches to the overdose crisis.
  • Medications for Addiction Treatment (MAT) as Overdose Prevention
    Understanding medications for opioid use disorder, how MAT can improve lives, medications can prevent fatal overdoses and how stigma creates barriers to effective treatment.
  • Drug User Health Framework
    How stigma impacts health, key harm reduction strategies and protective factors for infectious disease, how to apply a this to an organization


Please contact [email protected] to schedule a presentation in your community.

Also, take a look at our upcoming events.


  • Community members
  • Public health professionals
  • Service providers
  • Law enforcement
  • Faith communities
  • All of University of Maryland Extension educators


5-part series of presentations. Each course is 1-2 hours and can be taken independently or as a series.


Our thanks to the Maryland Department of Health for formulating this amazing series and giving us the possibility of presenting this to rural communities!

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